Innovating to produce the oil and gas of tomorrow

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R&D, driving TotalEnergies' competitiveness
With more than 200 patents filed each year for the entire company, TotalEnergies is true to the pioneering spirit that has characterised it since its creation. The challenges of our R&D can be broken down into four areas:

Prioritise the development of activities and programmes that have a direct impact on the Company's ambition to become the leading responsible energy company.
Anticipating technological breakthroughs to seize opportunities and position TotalEnergies as a major player in the future of energy.
Joining forces with select partners to carry out projects with the support of specific high-level skills.
Optimising R&D resources: human talent, infrastructure, geographical centres of excellence. 
Our R&D is organised around programmes and strategic investments in "differentiating", high-performance, safe and sustainable solutions. Our teams are working on eight cross-functional programmes operated by our four business lines (Exploration-Production, Refining-Chemicals, Marketing & Services and Gas, Renewables & Power) and so-called vertical programmes specific to each business line.

For the Exploration-Production business line, R&D is a fundamental issue that day after day perfects the technologies used to meet the world's demand for oil and gas, in an increasingly demanding operating context. Our R&D teams focus their efforts on strategic themes for an efficient and responsible oil and gas future. They are working to guide the Company's exploration activities towards the best prospects and to improve hydrocarbon recovery, while consolidating its expertise and tools to control risks and environmental impacts. Research focuses on new ways of acquiring and processing geophysical data (in order to image the subsoil as closely as possible to reality), improving reservoir modelling and simulation tools, and developing improved recovery technologies. They are also doing everything possible to maintain our lead in the conquest of the ultra-deep offshore and to support the Company's progress in unconventional hydrocarbons.

Resources to match our ambitions
TotalEnergies is one of the few majors to have a complete in-house experimental chain, from the laboratory to industrial scale. We also have a network of R&D centres for our exploration and production activities around the world: in the United States, the United Kingdom, Norway, Qatar and soon in Brazil. We are also developing partnerships of excellence with academic institutions and industrialists in the energy sector.

The prospective labs (nanotechnologies, sensors and nano-sensors, biotechnologies, robotics) are the "outposts" of our R&D and form part of our cross-functional programmes. They enable TotalEnergies to explore emerging innovations with high disruptive potential outside the oil and gas sector and to appropriate them. 

The Technological Innovation Platforms (TIP) work to rapidly integrate industrially mature technologies into exploration and production projects.